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Trustee Area Map

Adjustment of Trustee Area Map Boundaries (In anticipation of November 2022 Board elections)
Due to the population growth identified in the City of Brea during the 2020 Census, BOUSD is required to update their Trustee Area Maps. A demographer has provided two Trustee Area Maps that comply with the requirements of the Federal Voting Rights Act and California Education Code Section 5019.5.
The Board of Education evaluated and discussed two Trustee Area map scenarios with adjusted boundaries at the October 28, 2021 Study Session, and voted to select an updated map at the November 18, 2021 Board Meeting. The selected map was subsequently submitted to the Orange County Registrar of Voters to be used for the November 2022 Board elections. 
Newly Adopted Trustee Area Map with Adjusted Boundaries:
District-wide & Individual Maps 
(Will be Used for the November 2022 Board Election)
Trustee Area Map (For Reference Only - Used for the November 2020 Board elections)
In accordance with the California Voting Rights Act, the Brea Olinda Unified School District began transitioning to a By-Trustee Area election system in 2020.  Below is the current BOUSD Trustee Area map that was used for the 2020 general election on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.
Why does an adjustment to boundaries on the current trustee area map need to occur?
The 2020 Census resulted in an imbalance in population size between the largest and smallest Trustee Areas. We are required by Federal and State law to ensure a population variance of no greater than 10% between the smallest and largest Trustee Areas. 
Will this impact where my student goes to school?
No, the adjustment of the district’s Trustee Area Maps will have no impact on school attendance zones. This adjustment simply affects which Board Trustee you may vote for.
When will this change go into effect?
The new Trustee Area Map will be effective for the November 2022 election and remain through the 2030 Census.
What are the election dates for individual Trustee Areas?
Trustee Area No. 1 - November 2022 election 
Trustee Area No. 2 - November 2020 election; November 2024 election 
Trustee Area No. 3 - November 2020 election; November 2024 election  
Trustee Area No. 4 - November 2022 election 
Trustee Area No. 5 - November 2020 election; November 2024 election