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Welcome to the Educational Services Department

Kerrie Torres
Kerrie Torres
Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services 
The Education Services Department exists to support the delivery of quality instruction to all BOUSD students. The mission of the Educational Services Department is to improve student performance by providing leadership and professional development in the areas of curriculum, assessment, and instructional design; this way, all schools will be prepared to meet the challenges of providing quality, differentiated, rigorous instruction to our diverse population of students that will prepare them for college and/or careers.

Contact us:

Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services 
Kerrie Torres, 714-990-7556
Executive Assistant, Educational Services
Tristan Winn, 714-990-7533
Kris Ono, Coordinator, Educational Services 
Megan Jansen, Counselor on Special Assignment, Career Technical Education  
Terii Ault, Instructional Coach 
Jamie Snyder, Instructional Coach 
Tyler Sharp, Instructional Coach 
Shari Bithell, Instructional Coach 
Kim Thorsen, Instructional Coach 
Sarah Slivkoff, Instructional Coach