Our District » Mission, Vision, Values and Goals

Mission, Vision, Values and Goals


We are a devoted educational community that develops our students to become local and global influencers through dynamic learning experiences.



Providing unlimited possibilities that ignite the educational imagination of all learners to thrive in our ever-changing world.



Innovation - We embrace a culture that celebrates ingenuity and inspires intellectual exploration.


Engagement - We value a community of authentic collaborators to maximize student success.


Inspiration -  We create experiences that spark the love of learning within our educational community.


Courage  - We cultivate a growth mindset to develop resilient learners who are empowered to face adversity.


Inclusion - We nurture an environment that fosters a sense of belonging to celebrate the unique qualities of our diverse community.


FOCUS AREAS – How We Achieve Our Mission


FOCUS AREA 1.0 - Student Achievement 

Student academic, behavioral and social-emotional success is crucial in order to graduate from our schools ready to be purposeful leaders in college, career, and life.


Strategic Initiatives


1.1 Provide targeted intervention resources and support to ensure all students, including English learners, students with disabilities, socio-economically disadvantaged students and ethnic groups to include African American, Hispanic and Asian student populations.


1.2  Prepare students to enter college and career ready upon graduation through rigorous and relevant coursework that fulfills the A-G requirements and all state standards.


1.3  Ensure equitable and inclusive learning opportunities are provided to meet the social-emotional, cultural and intellectual needs of all students. 


1.4  Ensure uniform implementation of district-wide initiatives and state standards, including but not limited to evidenced-based instructional practices and Multi-tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS) to directly impact student achievement.   


1.5   Establish and utilize district-wide benchmarks and assessment tools to strategically monitor student progress, set goals, align curriculum, and to inform practice to meet the specific needs of all students.


FOCUS AREA 2.0 - Effective Instruction and Leadership 

Leading with a positive growth mindset, all BOUSD staff emphasize meaningful, productive interactions and implement equitable, high-quality data-informed instruction. We actively engage each student in the learning process through the implementation of the core curriculum and effective instructional strategies, including the use of technology. To this end, we strive to attract, train, and retain employees as well as develop strategic leaders who embrace the vision and values of our district.


Strategic Initiatives


2.1 To create a culture of data-driven decision making across all levels of the organization.


2.2 Develop a long-term targeted and transparent professional learning plan that aligns with the district focus, enhances skills, and provides a dynamic, high-quality instructional program that facilitates life-long habits of intellectual inquiry.


2.3 Cultivate a positive learning culture for staff and administrators through an organized and purposeful professional development plan to support skills, knowledge, and application of instruction.


2.4 Establish and sustain vertical and horizontal articulation to encourage a culture of professional collaboration of shared responsibilities for improving the quality of instruction for all students. 


2.5 Grow the effectiveness and leadership capacity of district administration by setting clear expectations and structure for accountability.


2.6 Utilize the strengths, qualifications and depth of our current staffing resources to meet the needs of quality instruction and growth of student academic learning.


2.7 Value and invest in the professional learning of all employees. 


FOCUS AREA 3.0 - Community Engagement 

Strong and effective communication builds trust and promotes a positive culture and encourages public relations by fostering a constructive and thoughtful relationship between schools, staff, and the community.  BOUSD must effectively communicate with internal and external stakeholders in a timely, relevant, and consistent way to encourage meaningful conversations and enhance community support.


Strategic Initiatives         

3.1 Develop effective and purposeful communication with all community members to sustain a mutually supportive and trusting relationship with the Brea community.


3.2 Build and maintain strong student learning opportunities through relationships with alumni, university, business and community partners. 


3.3 Manage communication efforts district-wide to facilitate consistent messaging and branding, utilizing both traditional and modern communication platforms to reach all stakeholders.  


3.4 Expand opportunities for students and community members to provide input, encourage participation in the decision-making process, and acknowledge all communication from all stakeholders. 


FOCUS AREA 4.0 - Student Safety and Connectedness 

A safe and respectful environment is essential to student success. By knowing each student’s name, face and story, BOUSD promotes a culture that nurtures the emotional health, safety, and well-being of students, staff, and parents.


Strategic Initiatives

4.1 Create and implement an integrated systematic approach to social emotional learning to enhance adult and student wellness.


4.2  Engage in a growth mindset to provide a safe and culturally relevant classroom through the implementation of MTSS to meet the needs of the whole child including, academic, social-emotional and behavior support.


4.3  Encourage positive and appropriate relationships among staff and students that reflects a safe and nurturing environment.


4.4 Develop and implement consistent safety protocols with a multi-department approach at all school sites utilizing external agencies and partnerships.


4.5 Collaborate with parent organizations and stakeholders to ensure district-wide implementation of standard business and operating procedures.


4.6 Create a comprehensive parent education program that provides essential tools to address today’s dynamic and complex student environment and engages the BOUSD educational community to foster an informed school culture.


FOCUS AREA 5. 0 - Utilization of Fiscal Capital 

It is imperative for the district to operate efficiently and effectively with the limited resources available to meet the organization’s educational goals and operational needs.


Strategic Initiatives.

5.1  Distribute, manage, and advocate for resources to support student needs and define student learning outcomes by refining business practices in support of district educational programs.


5.2 Explore funding and business development opportunities including the use of facilities fee structure in order to generate additional revenues to support student programs.


5.3 Create a balanced budget aligned to the district’s  LCAP, mission,  and focus areas.


5.4 Increase student engagement and attendance initiatives that result in higher overall achievement, school connectedness, and enhances district revenue.


5.5 Utilize the Facilities Master Plan, examine opportunities for facility enhancements including but not limited to modernization of classrooms, upgrading of technology infrastructure, and to enhance safety on all campuses.


5.6 Promote a culture where the use of fiscal resources is connected to student achievement and staff professional development while maintaining fiscal solvency and transparency.


5.7 Evaluate current school configurations, district programs, and staffing to optimize organizational efficiency and enhance the opportunities available to students. AI, robotics, coding)