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Board Goals 2023-24


We are a devoted educational community that develops our students to become local and global influencers through dynamic learning experiences.



Providing unlimited possibilities that ignite the educational imagination of all learners to thrive in our ever-changing world.




Innovation - We embrace a culture that celebrates ingenuity and inspires intellectual exploration.


Engagement - We value a community of authentic collaborators to maximize student success.


Inspiration -  We create experiences that spark the love of learning within our educational community.


Courage  - We cultivate a growth mindset to develop resilient learners who are empowered to face adversity.


Inclusion - We nurture an environment that fosters a sense of belonging to celebrate the unique qualities of our diverse community.


Goal 1.0 - Academic Excellence, Program Alignment, and College & Career Readiness

Championing academic excellence ensures our students are poised for success; program alignment guarantees a cohesive and meaningful learning journey; and prioritizing college and career preparedness empowers them to confidently shape their future.


Strategic Initiatives


1.1 Ensure all students have the opportunity to achieve proficiency in essential areas of skill for college and career readiness through successful implementation of an EL Master Plan, UDL at the elementary level, and appropriate interventions at the secondary level.


1.2 Ensure alignment of academic, CTE, and ROP programs, Preschool-12th grade; ensure program relevancy and staff training. (LCAP Goal #2)


1.3 Reduce D&F rates at the secondary level for all significant demographic groups.


1.4 Develop a sustainable academic program to close the achievement gap for students with disabilities at the elementary and junior high levels.


1.5 Increase interventions and support at our alternative high school to increase graduation rates and prepare students for college and career.


1.6 Enhance educational experiences to be both rigorous and relevant, meeting A-G requirements and state standards.


1.7 Provide targeted intervention resources for at-risk and marginalized groups, promoting inclusivity and equity.


1.8 Support the maintenance and growth of STEM/STEAM learning opportunities and maintain specialized teaching staff and instructional coaches. (LCAP Goal 2.1)


Goal 2.0 - Equity and Access


The Board of Trustees believes that the diversity that exists among the district's community of students, staff, parents/guardians, and community members is integral to the district's vision, mission, and goals. Addressing the needs of the most marginalized learners requires recognition of the inherent value of diversity and acknowledgment that educational excellence requires a commitment to equity in the opportunities provided to students and the resulting outcomes. (Board Policy 0415: Equity)


Strategic Initiatives


2.1 Significant Disproportionality: determine the factors contributing to the over-identification of Hispanic students and develop a plan to address this State identified area of improvement.


2.2 Nurture environments that foster a sense of belonging, celebrating the unique attributes of BOUSD’s diverse community. (DLI, Magnet, Coding/Science and Technology, Robotics, etc.)


2.3 Ensure equitable learning opportunities addressing social-emotional, cultural, and intellectual needs, including the successful development and execution of our EL Master Plan and MTSS Plan across all grade levels.


2.4 Eliminate barriers to opportunities for all students, especially those who are at-promise while creating a welcoming environment for all students, families, and staff. (LCAP 3.3)


2.5 Establish and utilize District-wide benchmarks and assessment tools to strategically monitor student progress, set goals, align curriculum, and inform practice to meet the specific needs of all students. (FA 1.0, SI 1.5) (LCAP 1)


Goal 3.0 - Leadership And Staff Development


Investing in leadership and staff development is not an expense, but a strategic choice that yields exponential returns in productivity, innovation, and organizational growth.


Strategic Initiatives


3.1 Administrators and staff will engage in professional development with Franklin Covey and Cabinet to successfully develop and execute the site-based Wildly Important Goals.


3.2 Data-driven and data-informed decisions will be evident at both the site and district levels, including data analysis and utilization training in order to guide student achievement.


3.3 PLCs will be strengthened through relevant and necessary training and support.


3.4 Develop a long-term targeted and transparent professional learning plan that aligns with the District focus, enhances skills, and provides a dynamic, high-quality instructional program that facilitates life-long habits of intellectual inquiry. (FA 2.0, SI 2.2) (LCAP 2, 3)


Goal 4.0 - Utilization of Fiscal Capital, Resources, and Facility Improvements


Fiscal capital and resources are foundational to public education, ensuring equitable opportunities, quality instruction, and the fostering of future generations' potential.


Strategic Initiatives


4.1 Utilize the Facilities Master Plan and Facilities Needs Condition Assessment to examine opportunities for facility enhancements including but not limited to modernization of classrooms, upgrading of technology infrastructure, and enhancing safety on all campuses. (FA 5.0, SI 5.5) (LCAP 1, 2, 3)


4.2 Evaluate current school configurations, district programs, and staffing to optimize organizational efficiency and enhance the opportunities available to students. (FA 5.0, SI 5.7) (LCAP 1, 2, 3)


4.3 Explore full-day Kindergarten opportunities and provide a recommendation to the Board of Education.


4.4 Distribute, manage, and advocate for resources to support student needs and define student learning outcomes by refining business practices in support of district educational programs. (FA 5.0, SI 5.1) (LCAP 1, 2, 3)


4.5 Create a balanced budget aligned with the district’s LCAP, mission, and focus areas. (FA 5.0, SI 5.3) (LCAP 1, 2, 3)


Goal 5.0 - Student Connectedness: Enrollment & Chronic Absenteeism


Student connectedness is the foundation of a thriving learning environment, fostering mutual respect, collaboration, and a sense of belonging that drives academic and personal growth.


Strategic Initiatives


5.1 Increase student engagement and attendance and enrollment initiatives that result in higher overall achievement and school connectedness, and enhance district revenue. (FA 5.0, SI 5.4) (LCAP 1, 2, 3)


5.2 Consistent counselor presentations to students in grades TK-12 that discuss critical SEL objectives.


5.3 Develop and implement consistent, District-wide safety protocols, systems, and practices with a multi-department and multi-school approach that leverages the support of external agencies, community partnerships, and professional safety experts. (FA 4.0, SI 4.4)


5.4 Ensure uniform implementation of District-wide initiatives and state standards, including, but not limited to evidence-based instructional practices and Multi-tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) to directly impact student achievement. (FA 1.0, SI 1.4) (LCAP 1, 3)


Goal 6.0 - Innovation & Growth Mindset


Embracing a growth mindset propels us beyond the confines of current knowledge, enabling us to envision what could be, challenge what is, and shape the future with courage and curiosity.


Strategic Initiatives


6.1 Increase site-based technology support for staff and students and grow the district toward 1:1 device access. (LCAP Goal 2.3)


6.2 Increase support for students through Tier I and Tier II applications and support the mental health and wellness of students. (LCAP Goal 3.1)


6.3 Explore innovative educational opportunities and pedagogy. (i.e., AI, robotics, coding)