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Reopening of Schools

During the August 27 Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Dr. Mason announced that we were tracking the COVID-19 health trends for Orange County on the State Monitoring Watch List which appeared to show movement towards potential authorization for opening schools in a hybrid model as early as September 8th. The following day, August 28, Governor Newsom announced a new four-tiered system to track COVID-19 progress by county (CA Blueprint for a Safer Economy, Understanding Your County's Status, OC Health Care Agency Case Counts & Testing Figures). The color coded system placed Orange County in the Purple tier. We are expected to be reclassified into the less restrictive Red tier on September 8th and must remain in that tier for another 14 days before schools can reopen. This would ultimately allow OC schools to begin a hybrid model no earlier than September 22nd.
Although school districts in OC may be able to return to school in a hybrid model as early as September 22nd, individual districts throughout the county are taking different approaches as they consider their most appropriate plan. It is premature at this point to give a return date for Brea schools as there are many factors to consider. At the forefront of our decision making remains our priority to ensure the health, safety and welfare of our students and staff. Additionally, we want to avoid returning too soon as it will disrupt family life and routine if we must revert to distance learning due to a spike in Orange County or Brea COVID-19 numbers. Our goal is to transition at a logical point, such as the end of a grading period. Therefore, we will select the day to begin hybrid instruction once we have confirmed that COVID-19 infection rates remain low following the three-day Labor Day weekend.
Board Meeting Presentation
Please click on the image below to view the MOST recent board meeting presentation given on the Opening of Schools (August 27, 2020). The slideshow presentation starts at 1:22:20 and is also posted below.
Board Meeting Presentaiton 8-27-2020
PLEASE NOTE: The following documents provide further and the MOST UPDATED information. Please contact your school principal for more information.
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