The Brea Olinda Unified School District (BOUSD) Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program ensures that all students are provided with an educational program that will maximize each student’s continuous academic growth, nurture his/her diverse social and emotional development needs, as well as recognize and enhance individual strengths and interests. We do this by providing students with a differentiated core curriculum that is designed to provide depth and complexity in thinking, as well as opportunities for novelty and in-depth research while nurturing our student’s social and emotional well-being.
GATE Screening
2021-22 BOUSD GATE Identification Process
In addition, our multi-criteria matrix offers additional points based on Title 5 ethnic minority factors. (Federal law (Title 5, Sections 3820(f) and 3831) requires that the district seek out, identify and ensure full participation of pupils from disadvantaged and varying linguistic, economic and cultural backgrounds.)
GATE Goal Setting
GATE-identified students in 4th through 6th grades are placed in GATE clusters, taught exclusively by GATE certified teachers. Our GATE teachers are highly trained to work with academically advanced students to deliver classroom lessons that provide students with the opportunity to solve problems creatively and delve deeply into the curriculum.
GATE clusters include a small group of GATE-identified students within a mixed-ability, general education classroom. This provides interaction for GATE students with both their intellectual and age appropriate peers, thereby encouraging the development of leadership skills and strong social ties both inside and outside the classroom.

GATE-identified students maintain this designation throughout their school careers. In Junior High, our GATE students follow an advanced pathway with placement in honors classes and accelerated math courses. This sets students up for success in following an advanced pathway in high school that includes Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) classes, as well as opening up eligibility for National Honors Society, Valedictorian, and Salutatorian.
Elementary GATE Goal Setting
Goal Setting Venn DiagramEach GATE student selects four goals for the year:

Metacognition Goal
Academic Growth Goal
Social Emotional Development Goal
Passion Project Goal - Individual Strengths & Interests 
The Passion Project will be assigned in March and is designed to have students develop their skills in an area of personal strength or interest.  Students choose their topic and complete a project within district guidelines.
Students develop speaking & listening skills while presenting their project at the Passion Project Showcase.
The first three GATE goals are set with the teacher, student, and parents during conferences in October.  At this time, the student's strengths and growth areas are considered in establishing GATE goals. 
The Passion Project goal will be set in March after the project is assigned.
GATE goals are revisited at the end of each trimester and progress is monitored.