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Developer Fees

Developer fees are levied by the Brea Olinda Unified School District pursuant to the provisions of Section 17620 of the Education Code, as well as Sections 65995 and 66001 of the Government Code.  All new residential, commercial and industrial construction and/or an addition of covered or enclosed space are subject to the collection of developer fees.  According to the law, this fee is determined by square footage of assessable space over 500 square feet of assessable space.
What is Assessed?


All new residential, commercial and industrial construction and/or an addition of covered or enclosed space are subject to the collection of developer fees.  In the law, this fee is determined by square footage of assessable space.


What is Assessable Space?


Assessable space is used to determine the fees due. All square footage within the perimeter of a residential structure not including carport, walkways, garage, overhang or patio, including enclosed patio, detached accessory structure, or similar enclosed area. 


When Must The Fees Be Paid?


Prior to the issuance of a building permit by the city fees must be paid and a "Certification of Compliance" will be issued by the school district.


Where Are The Fees Paid?


Developer fees are paid in person at the place of collection, to the agent of the school district.


Brea Olinda Unified School District Office

1 Civic Center Circle, 2nd Floor

Brea, CA 92821


Please call for an appointment: Roberta Dirks (714) 990-7827

Office hours: Monday - Friday (8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)


Checks are made payable to: Brea Olinda USD


Important: Must Bring At Time Of The Appointment

  1. Letter or other document from the responsible city department indicating the appropriate square footage
  2. Completed application or exemption form
  3. Check or Money Order.  No CASH or Credit Cards will be excepted.
What Building Projects Are Exempt From The Fees?
Residential projects with 500 or less square footage of additional assessable area are exempt.  Additionally, fees are provided for by Government Code on certain structures, including structures that are tex exempt and used exclusively for religious purposes, private full-time day schools as described in Education Code Sections 48222, and structures owned and occupied by a governmental agency.  If you are replacing a structure destroyed by a disaster, you may be exempt from fees.  Residential Senior Housing (as designated by the project's CC&Rs) will be assessed at the Level I Commercial rate.  For further information on exemptions, demolition credits, senior housing reduced fee, and refunds, contact the District. 
What If Construction Is Not Started? Are There Refunds?
A refund of the entire amount paid (excluding a $50 refund processing fee) will be issued if construction does not begin, or the project is suspended or abandoned.  An authorized written notice declaring that the building permit has been canceled must be delivered or sent to the Brea Olinda Unified School District.  Refunds will be processed 30 to 60 days after receipt of notification and will only be issued to person(s) or entities listed on the original check.
Education Code § 17624 authorizes refunds; however, per Civil Code § 338(a), the statute of limitations for a refund is three (3) years from the date that a refund becomes available. A refund becomes available once the building permit that Developer Fees where paid on expires..
Demolition Credits?
A demolition credit is available under certain conditions (See FAQ)  To obtain a credit for demolished structures, a City of Brea (or County of Orange) demolition permit must be presented before fees can be credited to the project. If the demolition permit is received after developer fees have been paid, the district will issue a check for the credit, please allow 4-5 weeks for receipt of refund.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) HERE 


Forms (Please contact Roberta Dirks 714-990-7827 for Developer Fee Application Form)


2022-23 BOUSD_Developer Fee Application

2022-23 BOUSD Developer Fee Exemption Form

March 24, 2022 Developer Fee Study: Presented for Public Hearing and adoption by the Governing Board of Trustees at the April 7, 2022 regularly scheduled meeting.  Resolution passed.   BOUSD
  • Board Adopted Develop Fee Justification Study Report HERE
  • Resolution #22-06 Developer Fees on Residential and Commercial and Industrial Development Pursuant to Government Code Sections 53080 and 65995 HERE
  • OC Register notice of public notice HERE
BOUSD will begin levying changes to the Level 1 School Fees on June 6, 2022
Annual Developer Fee and Five Year Reporting Report