Transfer Requests

For any questions related to Transfer Requests, please email our Student Services Department:  
Baldwin Pedraza, Administrative Director of Special Education and Student Services 
Stephanie Podschadel, Administrative Assistant, Student Services 
 Type of Transfer Where to Submit Request Dates/Deadlines Notification
(within BOUSD)
BOUSD District Office
 January 9- March 31
(Late applications will be placed on a waiting list)
April 1st
(into BOUSD)
School district of residence Ongoing  Ongoing
(out of BOUSD)
BOUSD District Office Ongoing  Ongoing

Intradistrict Transfers (within BOUSD)

Click here for the form:  Intradistrict Transfer Permit Application  

Brea Olinda Unified School District (BOUSD) provides a process that gives parents the opportunity to transfer to another school within the Brea Olinda Unified School District boundaries. Applications received between March 1-31 receive priority consideration. Applications filed on/after April 1st will not be considered until August when enrollment numbers are stabilized. These transfers are approved based on space availability, site capacity, and staff.

  • Students must comply with BOUSD Proof of Residence requirements and be registered at their school of residence/current school before requesting a transfer to another school. Students can determine their school of residence clicking on the School Locator.
  • Students attending BOUSD on Interdistrict Transfers may not request for an Intradistrict Transfers.
  • BOUSD shall have no responsibility with regard to transportation outside the requested school's attendance area.
  • Once an Intradistrict Transfer is approved, the student will continue at the requested school through the completion of 6th grade unless the Intradistrict Transfer Permit is revoked.
  • Approved Intradistrict Transfers may be revoked for 1) unsatisfactory attendance, 2) citizenship/behavior, 3) providing false information in making a transfer request, and 4) other reasons that may be determined by the Board of Education. 
  Interdistrict Transfers (into BOUSD)
  • Those requesting new or renewal interdistrict transfer applications must initiate paperwork with their district of residence. One application per student is required. Interdistrict transfers are valid for ONE YEAR ONLY with BOUSD and must be renewed annually.
  • If your district of residence does not require annual renewal, BOUSD requires that all families fill out an Interdistrict Transfer Permit form (for non-residence) that can only be received either at the Brea Olinda Unified School District Officeor per request by emailing Stephanie Podschadel at [email protected].
  • There is no guarantee of future renewal. Additionally, an approved transfer may be revoked for any of the following reasons: space availability, unsatisfactory attendance, unsatisfactory citizenship/behavior, unsatisfactory academic performance, providing false information in making a transfer request, or other reasons that may be determined by the Board of Education.
  • If approved, parents must provide transportation to the selected school.

Interdistrict Transfer (into BOUSD)

Interdistrict Transfers (out of BOUSD)
Click here for the form: Interdistrict Transfer Permit Application

Student Services would require appropriate documentation.

Interdistrict Transfer (out of BOUSD)



If you disagree with BOUSD's decision, there are appeal processes in place for your consideration:

  1. You may obtain BOUSD Interdistrict Appeal Form by clicking here or contact BOUSD Student Services at (714) 990-7825 or email Stephanie Podschadel at [email protected]. This form must be turned in within 14 days of the denial letter.
  2. If a satisfactory resolution is not reached once all BOUSD processes have been exhausted, you will be informed of your rights to appeal to the Orange County Department of Education (OCDE). You may initiate an appeal with the OCDE by calling Maggie Villegas at (714) 966-4000 or via email at [email protected] within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of your denial letter.