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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  May districts grant interdistrict permits for one year?

A:  Yes.  If districts enter into interdistrict agreements pursuant to Education Code section 46600 which contain standards for re-application which require the applicant (grades K-9) to apply for an interdistrict permit each year. BOUSD requires that families entering into interdistrict agreements renew their agreements annually.

Q:  Are students who have been determined to have been bullied by other students in the district of residence entitled to be given priority for interdistrict attendance?

A:  Yes.  Effective July 1, 2012, Education Code section 46600(b) gives enrollment priority for interdistrict attendance under an existing agreement or additional consideration for a transfer if there is no existing agreement, to students who have been determined by personnel of either the district of residence or the district of proposed attendance to be bullied. The statute does not define the level of evidence or proof needed to determine whether bullying has occurred and leaves the determination of bullying to the discretion of the school district.

Q:  Are school districts required to admit pupils whose parents are employed within the boundaries of the school district?

A:  No. Education Code section 48204(b) now states that a school district may deem a pupil as having complied with the residency requirements for school attendance in the school district if one or both parents or legal guardians of the pupil are employed within the boundaries of the school district. Therefore, it is permissive.  However, Education Code section 48204(b)(1) states that even though districts are not required to admit students on the basis of employment, districts may not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, sex, parental income, scholastic achievement, or any other arbitrary consideration.

Q:  May districts revoke interdistrict permits for poor behavior or poor attendance?

A:  Yes.  If the interdistrict agreement between the districts stipulates that an interdistrict permit may be revoked for poor behavior or poor attendance for students in grades K-9.

Q:  May school districts revoke the interdistrict permits of students in grades 10, 11 and 12 due to poor attendance or poor behavior?

A:  No.  Education Code section 46600(a)(4) prohibits a school district from rescinding existing transfer permits for poor attendance or poor behavior.  However, districts may suspend or expel tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade students on interdistrict transfer permits under Education Code section 48900 in the same manner as students who reside in the school district.



Q:  When two school districts enter into an interdistrict attendance agreement, are they required to consider the child care needs of the pupil?

A:  Districts, including BOUSD, are no longer required to give consideration to the child care needs of the pupil, but may do so in considering the request.  With the repeal of Education Code section 46601.5, it is now permissive rather than mandatory. If a child care release is being submitted, Student Services would require appropriate documentation demonstrating the child care request/needs of the individual student and circumstances surrounding the request.  Documentation may include:

  • Letter from child-care provider demonstrating enrollment of student in program
  • Letter from parent/guardian identifying circumstances for child care release request



Q:  What do I need to provide BOUSD if I am enrolling my student in a specialized program located in another school district?

A:  Student Services would require appropriate documentation demonstrating the student has been accepted into the specialized program/school being requested.  Documentation may include:

  • School information identifying specialized program (i.e. dual-immersion/multi-age programs, specialized college/career pathways, etc.)
  • Letter from school administrator certifying student’s provisional acceptance into specialized program for the upcoming academic year

Q:  If a school district grants student residency in the district pursuant to parent employment or an interdistrict permit, does the student have a right to attend a particular school in that district?

A:  No.  The pupil has the right to attend a school within that district, but not a particular school. However, if the permit is for a specialized program, the attendance should be at a school with that specialized program.


Q:  What supporting documents do I need to provide BOUSD if I am interested in enrolling my child into a school near my place of employment?

A:  Student Services would require appropriate documentation demonstrating employment of the parent within the school district boundaries of the school being requested.  Documentation may include:

  • Most current pay stub from employer demonstrating employment location
  • Letter from employer Human Resources/Supervisor verifying employment